Give In to The Machine

by Southern Cities

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As we exited youth and moved into our first decade of adulthood, the gently persistent refrain urging us to Give In to The Machine, started to be all we could hear. Once you hear this voice driving you towards convention, conformity, professionalism, accessibility, it’s almost deafening. It’s a noise that rings in your ears with every decision over whether to take a risk or to play it safe; whether to betray your beliefs for personal gain or to hold on to your values at the expense of your own success; whether to keep pushing for that impossible, frustratingly out of reach childhood dream or give into the consolation prize of what you’re currently getting by doing. Our music has been our best defense against the bland, mind-numbing drudgery of professional life; our chance to yell and shout and frenetically pound out our manifestos, to stay in touch with ourselves, keep proclaiming our beliefs so they don’t disappear. This album is our attempt to be honest about how we’ve wrestled with the question of how fully to integrate into Adult Society and embrace and accept its caveats; and to what extent we plan to continue to rebel and try to break the machine....


released July 22, 2016

Southern Cities is the songwriting collaboration of...

Luke Brogden - Vocals, Guitar
Matt Montgomery - Lead Guitar, Bass, Keys
Andrew Turner - Vocals, Bass

Special thanks to all of our talented friends who helped make this happen...

Lucas Lyons - Drums (1,4,7,8,11)
Andrew Tinsley - Drums (3,7,9,10)
Chris bratta - Drums (2,5)
Dave Hicks - Drums (12)
Stirling Walsh - Bass (2,5)
Evie Andrus - Fiddle (2,5)
Jonathan Kelly - Horns (6-8), Theramin (12)
Fred Kelly - Horns (6-8)
Matt Honkonen - Studio Engineer
John Baker - Studio Engineer
Grey Comer - Studio Engineer

Recorded at
Arbor Studios, Tiny Treehouse, Famous London Studios & our secret underground lair

Mastered by
Matt Honkonen

Produced by
Matthew Montgomery & Andrew Turner

© all music Copyright 2016 Southern Cities



all rights reserved


Southern Cities Knoxville, Tennessee

Southern Cities is the songwriting collaboration of Matt Montgomery, Luke Brogden and Andrew Turner. The songs reflect the group's influences, from roots to rock, jazz and psychedelia; and chronicles their coming of age experiences across the cities of the modern South. ... more

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Track Name: Anchors Aweigh
Dreaming of the open sea To get away from the grief of the 9-5 grind of the day
Hoping that there’s
so much more
Better for me in store
than this senseless rat race It’s time to leave this port And sail for distant shores before the coming storm landlocks me

So now I got my life on track
And there’s no goin’ back
The time has come to live again

Now that I’m awake!
Anchors Aweigh!
Now that I’m awake!
Anchors Aweigh!
Now that I’m awake!
Anchors Aweigh!
Now that I’m awake!
Anchors Aweigh!
Now that I see
now that I’m awake!

I can finally see a better course for me
Than what’s been prescribed by society
With my back to the breeze And my mind at such ease
I’m finally free from the need for security

You can’t take anything you want
So don't worry about all you've got
That's why I will always roam free!

Now that I'm awake!
Track Name: Every Single Dime
First light what a fright
Reminds you that you
Had quite a night
Takes a pot of blackest brew
To start your weary mind
If you we’re to
Chase the worm
You’d end up far behind

Plug in with your friends
Be glad that you’re not like
Them who seek ends
They count the time
Worried about
Every single dime
Every Single Dime

You’re cookin now
Feelin right
So fortunate and
Glad to have a life
Not sittin in
Some corner office
counting down the time
till the right amount
acculmates and you retire
Track Name: Give In to The Machine
When I was young I was naive
I said I’d always be young and free
But as age crept up on me
I needed more of that sweet green
I broke down and got a job
Gave into the thought
That I was meant to be
Another piece of the machine

So shave your face and cut your hair
Sit your ass down in that chair
Time to lose those wide eyed dreams
And give in to the machine

Give in to the machine

There’s no reason to cause a stink
When you embrace group think
Give into your inner greed
Well be all you need
When money is your religion
You climb the corporate
Ladder to heaven
Give into what they expect of you
And you’ll become the perfect tool

We got to break the machine!
I’ve got to break free
From the machine
Break the machine!
Track Name: Professionalism
It’s hard to find
Something you like
To do at work
Without your boss
Giving you shit
About the way
You did it
‘Cuz it can
only go one way.

The concept of
To a dreamer
Always sounds absurd
That is why
To me now
Professional is a dirty word

And if you don’t
Mimic the way
They talk and dress
Then your ideas
Don’t mean shit
It’s all a joke
It’s all fake
Is just how much
shit you can take
Track Name: Signs of Life
Where’d you go my love?
My passion, my art
Elusive spark you are
Cloud covered star
Lost in my own thoughts
I found you again
Hoping you’ll stay around
My long lost friend

I’m seeing signs of life,
Oh, I’m seeing signs of life.

Welcome back my love
Dark ages over now
It’s our rennaissance
This is our time

Wing on wing we fly
Veins pumping with
Signs of life
Soaring High
Chest thumping with
Signs of life

I’m seeing signs of life,
Oh, I’m seeing signs of life.
Track Name: Just Like You Should
When your heart’s All out of love
And your brain gets tired
Of what you’re thinkin’ of
Grab an apple and a pocket knife
Slice off a little piece of paradise
For yourself....when you’re all by yourself

Worn out and broken down
Man its no good Take a walk
And blow it off Just like you should

You got your
golden suffering
You dont have to
keep wallowing
To be cool
Now you’re grownup Snap out of it
No more dark, dramatic hissy fits
For yourself
You can heal by yourself

Giving up At so young
Man its no good
Dont you want to fight it out
Just like you should

You begin To hear me now
Cynicism we cant allow
You’ve got a long road ahead of you
A life hard-won that’s incredible
Now go and make your
mom and daddy proud
Rise above the depressing crowd
For yourself

Just like you should...
Track Name: With a Woman
When you get home
You’re not alone Anymore
When you pick up the phone
There’s a voice at home waiting for you

Lie down with your
head on her chest
Let your worries evaporate...
Just rest.

When you live with a woman

Walk around your Saturday town
Holding hands

In your darkest days
Your love always Understands

Surrender to
What she expects of you
Only she can see
Who you can really be...

She can make you a man.

When you live with a woman

You can Make your plans
Still holding hands
As you walk through life

If you are wise You’ll see that
compromise Refines you

You’ll be amazed to see
Who you can really be
You’ve been an incomplete
Work of art ‘Til now

When you live with a woman
you will understand.
Track Name: Yawn
Step into the dark warmth
The slow burn
The strung out Saturdays

You were a politician
Sex magician
Love composition

You were a fighter
Pass the lighter
Grab a sandwich
Check your messages
Lay your self down

We live for the night
The drama, the fight
Still storms surrender
To the languid dawn
And our howl
Oh it just becomes a yawn

Post-protest dawn
It’s just litter on the lawn
Post-war bodies decompose
So we can have more soil to fight war on

And post-coitus nothing seems
To be nothing won or lost
Profit and loss are not in our vocabulary now
Slip from yin to yang
As we dance through the Dao

Come with me now!
Track Name: I'm Fine
Started off a long time ago,
Down and out not feeling so good About the way things would go
But I went with it all so slow
Couldn’t help but to feel so fine
All the times I went passed that line
Told myself that was the last time
But I find myself right back in line
Hate to say I can’t find no
Peace of self that will let it go
But if I find out what it means to me
It’s the secret to being drowned

Go ahead and tell’em I’m fine
You fooled me once
I can’t wait till it’s over
Oh what a mild high
Disappointed its over

So I just tried to find a way
To see the best in myself at play
But in the back of my thoughts I’d say
I can shift my mind, but not today
Couldn’t help my eyes to see
how to reclaim my dignity
Step back and try to see
That you need to go back
to who you used to be
But still I can’t find no
Peace of self that will let it go
Please help me find out what it means to me so
Impulses don’t run me aground

Go ahead and tell ’em I’m fine
You fooled me twice
I can’t wait till I’m older
Oh what a mild high
Dissapointed It’s Over
And show’em

I’m fine

Snake eyes and it’s over
Track Name: Monster
When I was a child
I would dream
Of slaying monsters
and evil things
I’d be the hero
the kingdom needs
Saving the princess,
Her knight shining

Now that I’m grown,
It’s become clear
I’m not the hero
I once held dear
Look down at my hands, they’re not clean
That’s when
I realize
The monster is me

We all want to be
The hero of our own story
But what we fail to see
Is we can be the villain
Just as easily

Yeah, we all want to be
The hero of our own story
But what we fail to see
Is we can be the villain

Just you wait and see
Track Name: The Joneses
We grip so tight
But we won’t catch the Joneses
No we won’t catch the Joneses

We grip so tight, We hold on
We work so hard just to get to something
We won’t even want tomorrow
Sorrow in our buyer’s remorse
Like we ever had a choice In the matter
If it’s richer and richer,
Sadder and sadder, climb the ladder
Or poor and peaceful in your place
I’ll choose the latter

It just seems like
there is never enough
The more we get the
more it seems that we want
Sell our precious time on Earth
Looking for more stuff
But you know we’ll never
Catch the Joneses

We grow so tired of the norm
Search this world, for the next treasure
Thats always one day forgotten
Seeking out what can never be found,
Seems we never even reach the point, of satisfaction

We take and we take, it’s all just to make Ourselves feel alive
Change your mindset, Take back your soul
And deny the life of the Jones’es
Track Name: Posthumous
People spoke of His words later
Oh those poems They published
From his drawer In the room
Where they found The body
Now another Sings the same words
To herself as she walks under
The same moonlight That he did

You Know that he is alone because
No one else can do the things he does
He keeps on trying
No he cannot go back
He’s got to keep on
walking down that track

No, no, no!