by Southern Cities

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Self-recorded in North Knoxville in the Spring and Summer of 2013. This is a sampling from our upcoming full length album.


released September 23, 2013

Southern Cities is the songwriting collaboration of...

Luke Brogden - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Matt Montgomery - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Mandolin, Keyboards

Special thanks to all of our talented friends who helped make this album happen..

Matt Honkonen: Drums (2,3)
Stirling Walsh: Bass, Pedal Steel
Lucas Lyons: Drums, Djembe (1)
Ben Smith: Banjo

Mixed by John T Baker at Bakers Acres

Mastered by Eric Nowinski at Rock Snob Records

Photography by Richard Estey III

Produced by Matthew Montgomery
Album Art by Matthew Montgomery



all rights reserved


Southern Cities Knoxville, Tennessee

Southern Cities is the songwriting collaboration of Matt Montgomery, Luke Brogden and Andrew Turner. The songs reflect the group's influences, from roots to rock, jazz and psychedelia; and chronicles their coming of age experiences across the cities of the modern South. ... more

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Track Name: Wild Mountain Flower
Summer afternoons
In the hills just make me smile
But the evening always captures me after a while

Sitting on a backporch
In a circle with some friends
Hoping that this lovely night
Will never end

And our love is almost ripe now
As we dance under the moonlight
To the song that blooms inside
Be my wild mountain flower tonight

Here's a gift my dear and I hope you like it too
You know I picked this wild mountain flower just for you
Take it with care my dear, enjoy it at your ease
Put in in a vase and you'll preserve its leaves

And our love is almost ripe now
As we dance under the moonlight
To the song that blooms inside
Be my wild mountain flower tonight
Track Name: Festival
Summer evenings
With the sun blood red and hanging low
You can walk downtown
Under a pastel sky
And start to know

That you’re far from the first
To enter the beehive
Excited for the night
Feeling so alive...

Let’s have a festival tonight!

Is as old as time its self
Whether God or aliens taught us
We still drink to our health

Or maybe it evolved
In light of daytime’s toils
But as the darkness falls
We must unwind the coils
And start to feel alright

Let’s have a festival tonight (x4)

Tonight, we forget
Tonight, we live
Tonight, we forget
Let’s gather round and do it right

And have a festival tonight
Track Name: Joyful Danger
It's getting dark at the fairground
The sun has set
I feel
The drying sweat on my neck
I'm just a speck now, in a sea
Of illuminated neon

A man in a top-hat, with a curious raised eyebrow
And mustache curled
Approaches me
A carpet unfurls
Red and velvet
Rolling toward me in the foggy dusk
He extends a striped
Mahogany cane through the rain
And tells me

"Why not enter further and deeper here-in?"

Fear and laughter
Do I suppose this trip's beginning
Will hold its mood until the end?
Who is my new friend?
Who is he?
Where is he taking me?
My God, who is this man?

Curious Stranger
Such a Joyful Danger

Who is this man?
What is this journey?
Where did my pastoral
Innocence then go?

My eyes feel open for the first time
I feel the spectres, demons, angels too!
They stir a bitchin' brew
I sit in it and stew!

Curious Stranger
Such a Joyful Danger